Greater Bay Area #1 (Dawanqu #1) sightseeing catamaran has been delivered!

August 2020

We are proud to announce the completion and delivery of the Shenzhen River Cruise project in China Merchants Heavy Industries (CMHI) Haimen Base.

The cruise ship is a steel-aluminium mixed structure catamaran built for the first time by CMHI. It consists of four decks, in which the cabin, crew and kitchen area are under the main deck. All other decks are passenger areas.

The main deck is equipped with sightseeing and leisure areas, theatres and public bathrooms. Whilst the upper deck is fitted for sightseeing leisure areas, technology shops, multi-functional rooms and mini museums. The top deck is an outdoor bar and rest area.

NSO’s contribution included the engineering, construction, project management and installation for all interior spaces. We here at NSO are committed to the continuous development of the highest-end and cutting edge outfitting solutions in the industry.


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