In 2008, Bruce, Terry, and Smith, along with European businesses, had a vision to make European and American made marine and offshore companies more available to the Chinese Offshore market by adjusting their marketing techniques, expanding their market footprint, and creating sustainable long term business strategies. Smith Marine Offshore (SMO) was estabished to provide these services and remains a productive element of our service to the offshore industry. Initial success in this market allowed them to expand into other ventures which best complemented their engineering expertise. Richard, Louis, and Mr. Yao joined the team and North Sea Offshore Technology took form.

Since 2012, North Sea Offshore Technology, commonly referred to as NSO, has provided three primary services. We are a leading manufacturer and global supplier of aluminum structures, a turnkey accommodation solutions provider, and lastly we provide trading & brokerage services for the Chinese market.

With our aluminum structures, NSO designs, engineers, and manufactures helidecks, bridges, and access systems. Our aluminum structures are built in accordance to applicable standards, regulations, and approved by class. In four short years, NSO supplied nearly 60 helidecks to the offshore and marine market in seven different countries and occupied nearly 65% of the helideck market share in China.

Our Accommodation Solutions also became a thriving component of NSO. We provides premium EPCI accommodation solutions to the offshore and marine industry. We specialize in Accommodation Turnkey, LQ turnkey, Unit Cabin, and Modular cabin Solutions. In four short years, NSO has provided solutions for twelve projects and continues to expand in the marine and offshore industry sectors.

NSO has found success through establishing trust, credibility, and cooperation. We are committed to safety and proudly recognize ZERO safety incidents since 2008 coupled with our high customer satisfaction rating.

Our focus is to provide a Dynamic Approach to your projects, and to deliver Premium Solutions.


Our vision is to be the global center of excellence in terms of our commitment to service and product innovation, and to be a network hub for our clients and customers in the various industries that we support.

Mission Statement

NSO is resolute in our commitment to provide the best and most dynamic solutions in every aspect of our service and products by tapping into and harnessing the innovative and driving forces from our brilliant staff, and listening attentively to our creative customer and client base.

• Be dynamic.

• Seek creative solutions.

• Maximize the innovative potential from our staff.

• Tap into the creativeness from our customers and clients.

• Provide value to the industry, inspire.

The North Sea Edge

What gives the Edge? Three important factors:

• NSO is in the center of the global offshore and marine construction industry, lending us a competitive Edge in balancing low cost production with high quality design and engineering.

• We have been inspired by and operate our business in accordance with international norms and standards. Our international team and way of business gives us the Edge over the local competition.

• Competence and capability. Our engineers have a broad range of skillsets with decades worth of experience in the offshore and marine industry in various countries. Our know-how reflects onto our broad business-scope in aluminium structures, accommodation solutions, and trading; our team is North Sea's Edge.

Contact us

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