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Smith Marine (A NSO company) is how we got started. We continue to utilize our established networks of ship-owners, shipyards, partners, clients and industry professionals as the basis for promoting our products & services.

Forging long-term and strategic relationships with manufacturers and customers based on professionalism, competence, and client satisfaction is key to running a successful trading & brokerage business. Our multi-national team offers broad service capability to our growing client list with expertise in Jack-up drilling platforms, drilling ships, OSV's, semi-submersible drilling platforms, transport vessels, crane vessels, pipe-laying vessels and others.

We have excellent contacts with Chinese offshore fabrication facilities and provide comprehensive support from our seasoned and experienced staff of commercial and technical experts.

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  • Our Trading System:

    1. Establish relationship with opportunity seeking suppliers.
    2. Ensure mutually shared understanding of market intent.
    3. Develop understanding of their product & Services.
    4. Promote & Market their products & services.
    5. Provide services.
    6. Maintain proper customer service relationship between client, end-user, and trading partner to establish long term cooperation.
  • Effectiveness:

    Since 2008, North Sea Offshore (formerly known as Smith Marine) has maintained continuous relationships with five trading partners and directly supported our valued partners on over 40 new-build projects throughout China’s East Coast.
  • Brokerage Services:

    By utilizing our established networks within the shipbuilding industry, we are able to offer intermediary services between the buyer and seller of offshore and marine vessels in China. We will commit to providing you with the solutions you seek while aiming to achieve a lasting partnership for your future needs. Your success is our success.
  • Partner Map:

  • Client List

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