NSO delivers turnkey interior package and aluminium helideck for BP Tortue QU platform at CIMC Yantai.

31 May 2022

“We are extremely proud to have had the opportunity to work with CIMC, KBR, BP, and all the other involved parties. We executed the interior package from concept design to commissioning so it was quite a journey, and we were happy to see the satisfaction from the BP operating team when they went onboard in the end. We feel that the spaces we delivered have a much more comfortable atmosphere than a typical offshore project. Comfort, ergonomics, and quality were the three factors we wanted to achieve for the interior and I think we accomplished that perfectly.” said Robert Rust, Marketing & BD manager for NSO. 

NSO worked closely with KBR who provided overall project management on behalf of BP to ensure the owner’s expectations were realized. We also worked closely with the builder (CIMC) and together achieved a timely delivery and well executed project.  The platform was built in CIMC Raffles in Yantai, China. The platform was delivered to BP in May of 2021 and arrived offshore Mauritania and Senegal in August of 2022 and will serve as the control center for operations and provide accommodation for 216 persons.

NSO, based in Yantai, is a leading provider of premium interior solutions and lightweight aluminium helidecks for the offshore, marine, and passenger vessel markets. On this particular project, NSO was responsible for the architectural and interior design, basic design, detailed engineering, construction engineering, engineering management, procurement, cabin assembly, installation supervision, commissioning, and mechanical completion of all cabins and public areas including lounges, office spaces, cafeteria, meeting rooms, game room, cinema, laundry, restrooms, change rooms, and installation of galley, totaling approximately 9,500m² of total area. NSO also carried out the design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and installation supervision of the 20.88m aluminium helideck.

This was a milestone project for NSO and we are proud to have been part of the journey!

NSO sends our best wishes to BP and all the staff onboard! Thank you to everyone at BP, KBR, ABS, and CIMC for the opportunity to be involved in such an amazing project! Fair winds and all the best!


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